The Samsung Neo QLED 8K tellies have arrived in India and you can buy them now

Time to start a money heist

The QN900B comes only in the 85in size and is priced at ₹15,94,900 meanwhile the QN800B comes in 65in (₹4,59,900) and 75in (₹7,99,990). If you wish to stick to 4K tellies then the Samsung Neo QLED range also comes in those flavours. The QN95B, QN90B and the QN85B range come in 50in, 55in, 65in, 75in and 85in size variants starting from ₹1,99,900.

The tellies are powered by the Neural Quantum Processor 8K which has a ton of AI mumbo jumbo to make picture quality better, sharper and more life-like. The Real Depth Enhancer scans the screen, and maximizes contrast with the background by enhancing the object while keeping the background unprocessed. It works similarly to the way human eyes perceive images in real life so the object on screen stands out against the background. 

The processor also leverages the tiny QLEDs by creating precise light control for areas with contrasting backgrounds. Samsung likes to call this Shape Adaptive Light Control and an example of it is that the AI and the QLED will work together to keep a full moon perfectly lit against a dark night sky. The display has also received a Pantone validation. Here’s hoping Money Heist and Stranger Things will pop on these QLED beauts.